stop me

This post is conformation for the Derpibooru mods that my comment is posted under Background Pony #447A.

If you ever see my art posted on Derpibooru, and it doesn’t have my saying that it’s posted with permission, please let me know immediately.

Omg pinkie pie as a transgirl mashes me super frikking happy, that's awesome! :3. Thank you for that!

Of course! Thank you so much, I live for comments like this. :)

I spent like 20 minutes yesterday picking out the perfect bible and then I ended up just getting a really big one with thicker pages but I got a cute bookmark that says “keep calm and pray”


applejack is asexual, fluttershy is pan, pinkie pie is trans, twilight sparkle is bisexual, rarity is gender fluid, and rainbow dash is a lesbian